Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Smell Test

Use our Data Management tool, and don’t let freight billing lead you around by the nose
Too many companies still pay freight invoices by the “smell test” – if the bill seems in line with what’s expected, it’s approved. Or the “ruler test” – when the stack of invoices gets about three inches high, it’s time to cut a check. There is a better way. Once you give Data Management a try with TOTALogistix, you’ll never go back to the bad old days.
We can help you keep your costs in line, ensure logistics vendors are charging correctly, and give you single-entry efficiency that flows through to accounts payable, ERP, and general ledger, facilitating "lean and green" accounting practices. Our system lets you capture data for proactive management, generating customized reports to keep you in charge and move your supply chain toward best practices.
While we provide you with IT solutions, our approach is always "I before T." First, we determine your needs, and then deploy the technology to reach them.
Assigning all inbound transportation to COGS and outbound to sales with no differentiation between sales channel/customer/product is a thing of the past. We help our clients improve their reporting methods, and provide a freight audit service with next-generation results – line level GL coding that allocates costs to individual SKUs/divisions/locations/departments, and even identifies specific sales campaigns. Looking at every freight invoice, every line within each invoice, the orders that correspond to that shipment and the items that ship within that order is impossible to perform manually.
Our advanced file matching process can combine several sources of information – from orders to returns, CRM to ERP. We ensure you don’t pay for GSR – guaranteed service refund – packages that are not delivered in the promised timeframe, and provide a report showing each shipment that did not go out using least cost routing, and what that cost you. We flag accessorial and add-on charges, that you would never see. Even with all the new information we provide, you will save dollars on every invoice processed, for immediate ROI.
Implement our Data Management tool, and you’re going to come out smelling like a rose.

Kirk Shearer
President & COO
(973) 726-2103
TOTALogistix, Inc.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

You’re All Over the Map

TMS offers productivity, connectivity, savings and control.
Your company’s shipping operations spread over a vast area: large swathes of this country, neighboring countries, and quite likely beyond. You could say you’re all over the map – and your Transportation Management System (TMS) needs to be too.
A TMS built to your specifications by TOTALogistix is uniquely responsive to the unique needs of your business and its supply chain. You need a system built specifically to manage the myriad variables of transporting products – your products – in the modes you utilize. Companies that sell ERPs like to throw in or “bolt on” a TMS, with the promise this will give you all the functionality you need. We regularly get an earful from firms that went with that approach, only to discover the TMS took too long to implement, turned their company operations upside down, and never delivered on its promise.
We believe in a process-driven approach, putting process before systems and making our system work with your processes, rather than vice versa. Before we speak, we listen, document and confirm, making sure we understand what you are looking for from your TMS. We write and maintain our own code, which is not only cost-effective, but facilitates the highest level of customization. As your organization grows and evolves, we are there every step of the way, ensuring your TMS evolves with you. Many of our clients came to us after another provider failed to meet the changing needs of their company.
The money you save with a TOTALogistix TMS, which can quickly mount well into the six-figure range, is only one benefit. Improved freight operations will relieve your staff of onerous work, and lead to increased customer satisfaction. Customer service can now be proactive about managing orders and their status.
For instance, once an order is shipped, the TMS will automatically notify your customer and provide them with tracking information. No more WISMO (where is my order) calls. Your system will also close out and update the order in the ERP and track the shipments all the way to delivery. 
For supply chain headaches, including botched implementations, a TMS from TOTALogistix can provide relief – while providing a boost to your bottom line.
Kirk Shearer
President & COO
(973) 726-2103

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Designed With You, Built By Us

You need a customized, dedicated Transportation Management System. 

There is no shortage of vendors who would like to sell you a Transportation Management System (TMS).

Their ranks do not include TOTALogistix. The difference is, we want to
build you a TMS, uniquely customized to handle your supply chain needs, fit in with your business practices, and work seamlessly with your existing systems and software.

Most TMS suppliers’ stance is something like, “here is my tool – turn it on and use it.” Perhaps you have bought an “off the rack” TMS from such a provider, and know exactly what we mean. Your business needs a system designed around the way you do business, how you source your materials and ship your finished goods. Built by TOTALogistix expressly to fit your needs, your TMS guides your staffers to best practices in arranging logistics services, and gives you visibility into the process in real time.

Because a TOTALogistix TMS is built to order, we are able to scale it to the specific needs of your company, your spend, your modes, your employees, and your customers. Combining a powerful, advanced proprietary shipping engine and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the system enables employees, even those without logistics expertise, to generate immediate cost savings without compromising service. With our system, your TMS will provide all your carrier options with transit times across modes, giving you the power to choose. This can also be automated based on business rules you specify. When things change, your system adapts.

Along with the cost savings, which typically find you saving 10 percent or more* on your transportation spend, your TMS will provide unprecedented visibility into your supply chain. The system instantly generates reports breaking down shipping activity by mode, lane, customer, distribution center, cost per unit, or any of a multitude of variables that you specify. 

Don’t allow someone’s one-size-fits-all approach to dictate how to manage your logistics.Your business is unique – your TMS should be too.
*Recent white paper by ARC Strategies – available by request
Kirk Shearer
President & COO
(973) 726-2103

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Don't Use a TMS?

Don't Hit 'Delete'.

Take control of the supply chain revolution with a Transportation Management System. 

In today’s business world, “seat of your pants” is no way to fly. It’s also no way to ship. From overnight letters to ocean containers, or anything in between, your own Transportation Management System, or TMS, can put you in control.

A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and operational control never before possible available now at the click of a mouse. Forward-thinking companies use these tools to keep costs down, customers happy, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

In the past, the benefits of a proprietary TMS were reserved for billion-dollar multinationals. Now, cloud computing and disruptive innovation from TOTALogistix have brought the efficiencies and savings a TMS makes possible to small and midsize shippers.

A recent study by ARC Strategies found that companies that implemented a TMS were able to cut their freight spend significantly. Over 40 percent of firms, the largest cohort, reported cost savings between five and ten percent, and 23 percent of firms reported decreased costs of over 10 percent.

Beyond the dollars saved, companies utilizing TMS enjoyed better procurement negotiations and routing, lower cost mode selections, and more fully loaded equipment, along with increased usage of preferred carriers. “Virtually no other supply chain application,” said the ARC report, offers “so many different forms of optimization.” Additional benefits included warehouse efficiencies, inventory reduction, cash flow improvement, and a hard-to-quantify but major effect, increased customer satisfaction.

Can we share the ARC Strategies white paper with you? See how a TMS can help you save six figures on your transportation spend, while gaining unprecedented control and visibility into your supply chain. Take control of your shipping. Call today to see how a TMS, custom-designed for you, can put you in the driver’s seat. 
Or, you could just hit ‘delete.’

Kirk Shearer
President & COO
(973) 726-2103

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mission Critical

Four keys to making your supply chain work for you.

Today's business leaders are often challenged by one of two scenarios. Both require swift action: eroding profits and the need to cut costs and improve efficiencies, or rapid expansion and the need to scale to support growth.

Innovative technology can be the solution to either one of these problems, and a very good one at that. A technology investment, when done within the right process framework will provide significant savings in costs and improvements in performance. Unlike in the past, modern solutions provide a measurable ROI in weeks and months, not years.

To ensure the success of your technology roll out and avoid costly mistakes, it is essential to consider the following four factors before selection and implementation.
Following four factors before selection and implementation. 

1) Relevance
While no software solution can be expected to solve every problem into the future, it is critical to ensure that the product you choose leverages the latest in technology and is not generations behind. The search for something tried and tested must not eclipse the possibility of finding an innovative solution. Fresh ideas and disruptive apps have significant advantages in solving critical problems across multiple facets of the business. You need today's technology now.

2) Usability
To most end users, change is unwelcome, irrespective of the efficiencies it delivers. To overcome this, tools must be well-designed and intuitive. User interaction expectations have been elevated dramatically since the onset of the smartphone age. Design and interaction engineering are as much a part of implementation success as are the actual function and efficiency. The good news is, with the choices available in the marketplace today, you can get both.
3) Cost

Thanks to cloud technology, software development and infrastructure costs have been reduced significantly. The ability to meet all user specifications without paying a fortune is no longer a dream. However, one factor to consider outside the financial outlay is the cost of chaos itself. An important question to ask is the internal cost of implementing software. Is the product you are purchasing able to get the job done, without having to make it your life's work? Finding a provider that is nimble enough to cater to your specific needs will reduce the overall cost of ownership - both internal and external.

4) Compatibility

No business leader wants to implement a brand-new technology only to have it function on a data island. Worse yet is a new product that requires a complete rework of legacy systems, bringing vital company operations to a grinding halt. Interoperability and backwards compatibility are essential. Make your software work for you, never the other way around. 

As a supply chain solutions provider, TOTALogistix, Inc. is acutely aware of these four critical factors, and we are dedicated to providing tools that meet these criteria.

The benefits of modern supply chain technology are abundant and game-changing, from increasing visibility to improving process to reducing cost. Business leaders must choose wisely when they onboard new systems. Be sure to carefully consider these four aspects of selecting innovative supply chain technology before taking the next step forward.

Please contact us to learn more about our simple, yet powerful solutions:
Contact TOTALogistix, Inc. at 800-989-0054 or email us at for more information.

Kirk Shearer
President & COO
Phone: (973) 726-2103
TOTALogistix, Inc.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Molding a Supply Chain

Extrusion equipment manufacturer Graham Engineering Corporation partners with TOTALogistix.

Graham Engineering Corporation (GEC) is a sophisticated manufacturer with a complex supply chain. A convergence of leading technologies, people and capabilities in extrusion, the company builds complex equipment in the United States under its three brands: Graham Engineering blow molders, Welex sheet extrusion lines and American Kuhne extruders and extrusion systems. Its finished products are then shipped to customers worldwide.

Tim Melita, vice president of operations for Graham, wanted to achieve a greater degree of precision and savings in their logistics operations, so they turned to TOTALogistix.

“I can’t say enough about TOTAL’s approach to service. They are very responsive and have generated significant savings while providing a high level of service,” said Melita.

Working with Tim and his team, TOTALogistix set up a transportation management system, or TMS, to give executives at Graham Engineering a level of visibility into moving their shipments that had never before been possible. Graham’s TMS tracks components as they transit oceans in maritime shipping containers, then provides the same utility with over-the-road shipments in this country. Along with the Graham team, TOTAL has also implemented data management and contract management for inbound and outbound freight.

Graham Engineering’s choice of TOTALogistix as their logistics partner has generated measurable hard cost savings. But beyond the monetary savings, having the ability to find “answers at the speed of questions” has enabled Graham’s management to improve visibility and control of their shipping operations.

Benefits include visibility and operational control over the company’s supply chain at the click of a mouse, better procurement and routing, and lower cost mode selections. These measurable benefits bring GEC one more hard-to-quantify but significant effect, improved customer satisfaction.

Kirk Shearer
President & COO
Phone: (973) 726-2103
TOTALogistix, Inc.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Stuff Happens

Outsource your cargo claim headaches.

When shipments arrive damaged, short, or not at all, will your cargo claims make you whole again?

Sometimes, bad things happen to good packages. Even first-class carriers sometimes accept merchandise tendered to them in pristine condition, and deliver it broken, dented, leaking, exposed to weather, or to the wrong location. Sometimes, the shipment doesn’t arrive at all.

Dealing with cargo claims can be frustrating, time-consuming, and unproductive. Carriers’ claims departments exist to minimize their losses, not to pay just because shippers decide to file a claim. Some are experts at not paying claims. Can you “claim” to be an expert at getting them paid?

To ensure you are compensated for the value of your damaged goods, you need experienced professionals on your side, handling your loss from preparing and presenting the initial report to following through, ensuring the carrier responds as required by law, negotiating and collecting your settlement. 

At TOTALogistix, we have decades of experience dealing with freight claims, including staff with years on the carrier side. With our Claims Management service, we not only recover for you the maximum amount obtainable, we also provide solutions to analyze the impact of claims incurred, and minimize losses going forward.

Outsource your cargo claims headaches, and get back to business.

Kirk Shearer
800-989-0054 x103