Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes, Hard Times are the Right Time

In today’s economic climate, companies are putting new initiatives on hold. The imperative to hang onto cash causes many worthwhile ventures to remain on the shelf as nothing more than a plan to be implemented in unspecified future “better times” ahead.

If you are responsible for your company’s financial survival, you know this cautious approach, though painful, and problematic in the long run, is necessary.

But what about a new program that requires no cash outlay, no new hires, and could begin to show substantial, measurable savings right away?

This is the potential offered by working with a strong, knowledgeable partner for your transportation needs. This is why having an expert who is compensated by shared savings advise you on your shipping costs you nothing, risks nothing, and can make you a hero to your people whose jobs you save. This is why smart companies are saying now is the time to act.

What would a 15% reduction in your transportation costs mean to your bottom line?

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