Friday, November 6, 2009

What Is Your Plan For The Back Nine

The first six months of 2009 was a period when many businesses struggled.

So how can you improve things for the balance of the year? With orders down, the future uncertain, and margins being squeezed, it seems like profits are harder to make than a 30-foot downhill putt.

Here’s how to “drive” dollars to your bottom line. Without cost to you, TOTALogistix can help you save significant dollars on every parcel or less than truckload (LTL) shipment you send.

We can help you cut 15% from your shipping costs day in and day out, without hurting your service levels, and in fact, give you a whole new level of knowledge and control over your supply chain.

Almost certainly, you are paying more than you need to on many of your shipments. And without running complex calculations on every shipment, there’s no way to be sure which ones and how much.

A variety of factors including zone versus zip code locations and fluctuations in the cost of fuel mean that your best shipping option changes continually, with each destination, each shipment, each day. Our TOTALaccess® transportation management system “automagically” calculates your least cost routing decision every time you ship, and allows you to know your goods are always moving via the most efficient mode.

Let us demonstrate for you the astounding amount of money you can realize by optimizing your logistics practices. It costs you nothing to explore the potential, and better still, nothing to take advantage of our services – our compensation comes only from what we save you.

If your shipping operations aren’t up to par, join the “club” of successful companies like Hitachi, Newman’s Own Fine Foods, Property, and Konica-Minolta, who use TOTALogistix to boost profits by streamlining their supply chains. Let us help you shave several strokes off your game, and turn the second half of your year into a Tour-ready performance.

There aren’t many “gimmes” in life, or business, but this one’s a tap-in.

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