Monday, March 15, 2010

Caliper Life Sciences Streamlines Logistics Workflow

TOTALogistix provides cutting-edge systems for high-tech client.

Caliper Life Sciences, a premier provider of cutting-edge technologies enabling researchers in the life sciences industry, manufactures ultra-sophisticated scientific devices. Their optical imaging, laboratory automation equipment, and microfluidic systems are critical tools in the discovery and development of tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals.

But when it came to providing the latest cutting-edge systems for their heavy volume of domestic and international parcel shipments, Caliper Life Sciences turned to TOTALogistix. With mission-critical equipment, reliable, efficient delivery is key, and so is streamlining the paperwork and billing process, to cut down on manual data entry and the possibility of error creeping in.

The TOTALogistix IT department, headed by manager Kris Pazhayanoor, worked with Ron Ekstrom, facilities manager for Caliper, to bring Caliper’s parcel management system and billing practices into the digital age. “We took a process that was 100 percent manual, and automated it 90-plus percent,” said Pazhayanoor. “We’re still working to increase that percentage.”

Under the new scheme, package data and invoices flow through automatically, from the carrier, to shipping, and through to the billing and accounting departments. General ledger codes follow throughout, eliminating the need for manual coding.

“In addition to saving us money on our parcel spend, TOTALogistix was able to automate a manual GL coding process, making us more efficient, and helping me to better use my time,” said Eckstrom.

With our online TOTALquote™ bidding package, TOTALaccess™ freight management system, and TOTALinsight™ management reports, working with TOTALogistix can not only earn you significant dollars, but give you visibility into your transportation operations that was never before possible.

Let us help you harness the power of information, and move your logistics practices to the cutting edge. To learn more, call or email me today.

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