Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Before T

Technology, TOTALogistix, and You.

Are there gaps in your IT system? Can your shipping department communicate with your accounting and customer service departments, without having to re-key in information? In addition to helping you move freight, perhaps we can help you get your data where it needs to be.

TOTALogistix is your source for a suite of comprehensive technological tools, allowing you to monitor and control your shipping operations in ways that were never before possible. Developed in partnership with the senior management teams of some very astute client companies, our systems can help you lift your supply chain performance from middle-of-the-road to best-in-class, with all the advantages that confers.

We believe that when it comes to IT, you have to remember what comes first. Our mantra is “I before T,” the information before the technology. It’s the information that is key – the technology is just how you get at it, a delivery tool.

But these are very useful, very valuable tools. TOTALaccess™, TOTALquote™, TOTALinsight™, and EDInow™ have helped major shippers, from the Fortune 500 to midsize and regional firms, move millions of dollars to their bottom lines, streamlining operations and increasing profits, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction levels.

What can we do for you?

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