Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ready For Your Report Card?

Learn how to bring your supply chain to the head of the class.

If you’ve spent time with our client development executives, you may have heard this before, but it’s as true as ever: If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

In company after company, we see that management doesn’t really know how their shipping operations stack up against others in the marketplace. Do you?

To address this need, TOTALogistix offers you an innovative program – the Logistics Report Card™. This is your chance to have experts take a look at how your firm handles freight and shipping. We can help you confirm what you’re doing right, and highlight what you could be doing better.

We’ll give you a detailed report, breaking down your operations mode by mode, with observations on potential improvements. And we’ll give you more, key go-forward recommendations, with an implementation roadmap and timeline, to put these enhancements into action.

Firms with best-in-class logistics can often move their goods to market for just half the costs paid by their middle-of-the-pack rivals. Put the tremendous competitive advantage this confers to work for you.

Call or email me today, to see a sample Logistics Report Card, and see how you can move your company to the head of the class.

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