Monday, October 18, 2010

Bridging the Gap

New report highlights what shippers look for from a logistics provider.

The numbers illustrating the disconnect were stark.

“95 percent of third-party logistics companies believe they're providing ‘innovating ways to improve logistics effectiveness’ – it's practically unanimous – while only 68 percent of shippers believe that's the service they're getting,” found the latest edition of the annual State of Logistics Outsourcing report, just released by consulting giant Capgemini and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“The gap is even greater in information technology, where 94 percent of shippers say IT capability is a ‘necessary element’ of 3PL service but only 54 percent say they are satisfied with the IT service they get,” reported the Journal of Commerce. The report calls this “the IT information gap.”

At TOTALogistix , we have long been an industry leader in using technology to provide meaningful measurement and improvements to our clients. We have developed a suite of proprietary technological tools, allowing you to monitor and control your logistics operations in ways that were never before possible.

We believe that when it comes to IT, you have to remember what comes first. Our mantra is “I before T,” the information before the technology. It’s the information that is key – the technology is just how you get at it, a delivery tool.

But these are very useful, very valuable tools. TOTALaccess™, TOTALquote™, TOTALinsight™, and EDInow™ have helped major shippers, from the Fortune 500 to midsize and regional firms, move millions of dollars to their bottom lines, streamlining operations and increasing profits, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction levels.

What can we deliver for you?

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