Monday, November 22, 2010

Looking Down the Road

Plan ahead for the (2011) holiday season.

Right now, the fourth quarter of the calendar year, is the busiest time of year for many American shippers. So this is the ideal time to get serious about budgeting for transportation costs – for the following year.

To bring your logistics expense in under budget, make reasonable assumptions about 2011 shipping costs, and make you look good, your projections must reflect reality. And you need to continually monitor the marketplace to stay on top of the unknown changes that will inevitably crop up.

Most LTL carriers took increases in October, using the heavy holiday traffic to try and recapture some of the revenue shortfall they have experienced over the last year. The small package “duopoly” of Brown and Purple can be counted on to boost their rates in January.

Take advantage of the advances in information technology to wring the maximum efficiency from your supply chain, and have visibility into your logistics operations that was never before possible. At TOTALogistix, we have the expertise and experience to keep you on the road to profits.

Kirk Shearer
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