Monday, February 14, 2011

Survey Says ....

TOTALogistix Client Satisfaction Survey shows high level of client satisfaction.

Last year, TOTALogistix commissioned a survey. We hired Client Matters, an independent research firm, to assess our performance from our clients’ point of view.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive, impressing even the professionals who were conducting the study. Here is what Dr. Walter Guarino, Graduate School Professor of Communications at Seton Hall University, the academic who oversaw the survey, reported back to us, in part:

"Compared with similar studies, the individual numerical rankings are very high for all the critically important categories asked about in the study. In particular, it was most impressive that TOTALogistix garnered such a high quality response regarding their keen knowledge of the logistics industry."

"Clients were unanimous with regard to senior-level involvement and problem solving abilities from account management. As noted by one Fortune 100 client, 'I am totally unaware of other companies that can provide the same kind of services, which we couldn’t do in house'."

"Equally recognized were the dedication of the support service groups, and their understanding of their clients’ business needs. 'First class from top to bottom,' as stated by one client."

As you’ve heard, we’re all about measuring performance, and we will continue to try and improve ours, but the clear message from our clients was gratifying: we must be doing something right. Thanks to all who participated.

Kirk Shearer
TOTALogistix, Inc.
800-989-0054 x103

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