Friday, November 18, 2011

Tradition Meets Innovation

Leading floor-covering manufacturer has logistics ‘covered.’

Colonial Mills has a proud heritage. Located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, near the birthplace of the American textile industry, the company is proud to put the “made in USA” label on each of the fine braided rugs they produce.

With domestic manufacturing and an uncompromising devotion to quality, Colonial Mills, Inc. (CMI) has to run a lean, efficient operation in order to stay competitive. CMI offers their customers, including major “big box” retail chains, a vast array of rug choices, in styles from traditional to modern.

As an added incentive, they can deliver orders to their retail partners or their B to C customers in just a matter of days. To ensure the delivery is as efficient as the production, CMI works with TOTALogistix to minimize shipment costs and automate processes. This strong partnership was recently reinforced, when CMI authorized an agreement to keep the relationship going for almost a decade.

CMI takes advantage of TOTALogistix’s cutting edge information technology and clout in the logistics world to gain a competitive advantage, helping them keep their American-made products “underfoot” in thousands of American homes.

“We value our relationship with TOTALogistix. They have helped us to lower our transportation expenses and deciphered the arcane world of parcel carrier rules and charges. That is why we re-signed with them for a third term”, said Don Scarlata, Colonial Mills CEO.

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