Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Greatest Hits

The Year in Review –

This time of year, it’s traditional to take a look back over the last 12 months. So here for your perusal, we present links to some of our periodic email messages that readers found most useful or interesting during 2011. Click on the link under each synopsis to read the whole article; you can access all of these email messages at http://blog.totalogistix.com/ and http://otb.totalogistix.com/

Scale Model: A warehouse scalability study can lead to substantial gains in saving and efficiency. See how you can move your products more efficiently, even when they’re standing still.

What You Don’t Know: Savvy managers are realizing that without a plan to help navigate the logistics labyrinth, they may be trying to compete using a horse and buggy approach in a digital-age world.

Give Your Supply Chain a Little TLC: Performing a Total Landed Cost analysis, factoring in all the costs associated with getting products to their final destination, can give you a key competitive advantage. Does your supply chain need a little TLC?

Fuhgeddaboutit: With millions of possible combinations rates and charges for a single shipment, consistently making the right choice can be maddeningly difficult. A dynamic routing system can help you find the optimum shipping solution for each package.

Dialing for Diesels: A trucking capacity squeeze can make it hard to find a carrier to take your load, with any reasonable schedule and rate. Web-based technology allows shippers to electronically post their requirements to select carriers and efficiently match capacity to their needs.

Cubism: Trucking is not known as a creative business, but carriers get positively artistic when it comes to creating ways to boost revenue and make margins on a given shipment. Case in point: the Cubic Capacity Rule.

The View from the Top: Supply chain visibility is useful only to the extent C-level executives can act upon it. When costs and savings for a given channel or program can be clearly identified and quantified, management is empowered to take the next step, and act upon the insights generated.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and best wishes for a prosperous New Year.

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