Monday, January 16, 2012

Dance of the Forklifts

Warehouse management is a critical component of supply chain efficiency.

A warehouse can contain a lot of things. Waste and inefficiency shouldn’t be among them.

Proper warehouse management is a key factor in streamlining your supply chain. From dock management, receiving and putaway through picking, packaging and shipping, every operation offers opportunities to move your logistics to best-in-class status.

Efficiency begets more efficiency. Slotting items carefully, making fast movers more accessible, saves time and labor when moving pallets out. Working to a system allows your operations to function with the choreographed precision of a dance – and the beauty of this dance is the impact on your bottom line.

Instead of individual order picking, using a Warehouse Management System (WMS) allows a combination of wave, zone and batch picking, saving 45 to 50 percent of total warehouse labor and cutting this most time-consuming aspect of warehouse operations down to size.

Ideally, your WMS coordinates with your TMS (Transportation Management System), so goods move out optimally on the back end. Avoid congestion and bottlenecks, improve labor management while cutting overtime, and you can save substantial sums of money, while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction.

Are your warehouse operations costing you money through outdated practices or lack of transparency? Let us show you how you can move your products more efficiently, even when they’re standing still.

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