Friday, February 3, 2012

Intelligence is IT

Corporate CIOs rate top priorities in Gartner survey.

Prioritizing, scheduling, and seeing through IT projects has become the bane of many senior executives. If this holds true for you, you may want to know how CIOs see it. Corporate information mavens are shifting their focus from just collecting data to making sense of it all, says a survey from tech guru Gartner, Inc., reported in Supply Chain Brain.

According to Gartner's annual survey of IT executives, analytics and business intelligence will be the top technology priorities for chief information officers this year, up from number five a year ago. Last year’s top concern, cloud computing, is down to number three this year. This ties into the TOTALogistix philosophy of “I before T”, that is we put information before technology. Technology is just a tool; the key is being able to access, understand, and act on the information.

The CIOs, who were polled in the fourth quarter of 2011, control $321 billion worth of IT spending in 45 countries. The survey also found that IT budgets globally will be essentially flat, but with much variation regionally. In North America and Europe, IT budgets will decrease by less than one percent overall compared to 2011, with cuts by larger organizations offsetting gains by smaller companies.

Here's Gartner’s complete list, along with where the topic was ranked last year.

1. Analytics and business intelligence. (Last year's rank: 5)
2. Mobile technologies. (Last year: 3)
3. Cloud computing, including SaaS. (Last year: 1)
4. Collaboration/workflow technologies. (Last year: 8)
5. Legacy modernization.
6. IT management. (Last year: 4)
7. CRM
8. ERP applications
9. Security
10. Virtualization. (Last year: 2)

Where are analytics and business intelligence on your list of priorities? Is that where they should be? For help prioritizing your IT initiatives, give us a call.

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