Thursday, March 1, 2012

Think Big

A data-driven supply chain offers tremendous productivity gains.

Trucks may be driving your shipments, but data is driving your success.

Increasingly, how companies deal with the data that is generated in logistics operations determines how much those operations can be streamlined to provide a competitive advantage. As the Oscar-nominated movie “Moneyball” recently illustrated, statistical analysis can show you a window into your business never before possible. Clearly understanding what data to look for, and how to massage it, can lead to some counter-intuitive conclusions, and offer a business the formula for a winning season – and maybe the chance to change the game forever.

Rather than baseball, Mani Gokarnesan, Director of Supply Chain Solutions at TOTALogistix, uses the metaphor of cooking.

“We have the ability to slice and dice your data, and look at it in different ways to find insightful approaches to your supply chain,” he said. Big Data, fusing business intelligence and analytics, requires both knowledge of the subject matter and the tools of analysis. “You need to know what you’re looking for, then drill in further and further, and you come up with some valuable insights.”

For a hypothetical series of shipments from the east coast to the west coast, analytics can provide an answer to the question “what if I put a DC in California?” and back it up with empirical data, giving the ability to make better tactical and strategic decisions. Using a data-driven approach, we can help validate your conclusions, greatly increase your operations’ productivity, and provide supply chain solutions that make dollars – and sense.

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