Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taking Inventory:

Make your inventory investment an asset, not a liability.

Inventory costs are significant. In many companies, inventories are handled in ways that “just grew” with the company, without having been subjected to rigorous analysis.

Getting a handle on managing your inventory provides your company a host of benefits – freeing up capital, reducing distribution and transportation costs, smoothing production, increasing sales, customer satisfaction and profits.

TOTALogistix follows a proven four-step process to establish effective inventory management practices. The goal is to reduce inventory and inventory carrying costs, while developing policies to determine requirements for finished goods, work in progress and raw materials. Once the program is in place, we provide you with the tools to monitor inventory levels on an ongoing basis, and make adjustments based on demand requirements and supply constraints.

Inventory management can be approached as a stand-alone discipline, or as part of an Integrated Planning approach, which looks at your entire supply chain. We looked at overall Integrated Planning in a previous message; this is number two in a series on the discipline and the advantages it offers.

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