Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shipping Guru to Work for You

Transportation Planning System turns your staff into logistics pros.

The myriad factors that go into finding the most efficient solution for shipping are dynamic, sometimes esoteric, and require the sophisticated eye of an expert to consistently achieve optimal results.

But much of the work required can be encapsulated in a discrete set of parameters. For the most part, similar circumstances arise time after time when planning for transportation services, with a few new wrinkles each time. To help your people make the best decisions, and avoid costly mistakes, TOTALogistix has put together a system that streamlines and supports optimal decision making along with easier execution to put you in control of your shipping.

Combining a powerful, advanced proprietary engine and a customized, user-friendly interface, this system enables employees, even those without advanced logistics expertise, to achieve better resource utilization through faster decision making, and generate immediate cost savings without compromising service. It automatically identifies multiple options, features dynamic scheduling capability for changing situations, and allows “what if” scenario analyses.

The system performs routing, rating, automated least-cost carrier selection, scheduling, data capture and reporting, ensuring that management has visibility into the operations. It streamlines the tedious work of manual load building, builds better consolidated loads, and easily scales from a few shipments to several thousand. Working in the familiar Excel platform as the front end, the system is intuitive and simple to use.

All relevant data is captured in one database, allowing enhanced reporting to continuously monitor and improve operations, including carrier performance evaluation programs.

Take control of your shipping. Call today for a look at how the TOTALogistix Transportation Planning System can work for you.

REMINDER: Inventory Planning Webinar
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