Thursday, October 17, 2013

'Freakin' Awesome'

'Freakin' Awesome' -

TOTALquote streamlines the process of matching your shipment to the best carrier.
How you go about bidding out your shipping can have a tremendous impact on the level of results you achieve. And that can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

At TOTALogistix, we have developed a proprietary system we call TOTALquote, that allows our clients to wring the maximum advantage from every shipment, just one more example of how we specialize in using technology to streamline logistics.

Not only does TOTALquote yield better pricing from allowing carriers to compete head-to-head in real time for your business, it increases efficiency, with RFPs and deadline requirements sent simultaneously to all carriers for the fastest response. While a given shipment may be destined for air freight, the system also returns results from parcel carriers such as UPS or FedEx using contractual rates, to ensure that no opportunity for savings is overlooked. The same is true with ground shipments, where short-term pricing anomalies can save additional dollars.

Our transportation management system also compiles valuable data on the back end. With the metrics associated with TOTALquote, you can see which carriers are bidding on your shipments, how much the successful bidders are winning by, and which ones never win, encouraging carriers to sharpen their pencils on your business.

One of our clients, a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 consumer products giant, is just the latest to entrust more of their logistics operations to TOTALquote. Already using the system for international air freight in some regions, they are rolling out TOTALquote worldwide, after seeing the results.

“In the words of my teenage son, it’s freakin’ awesome,” said the firm’s director of global logistics. If you could standardize freight quotes throughout your company, with streamlined communications, and the same information, in the same format, available in a searchable database, you might say it’s freaking awesome, too.
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