Friday, January 24, 2014

Priceline for Air Freight

Priceline for Air Freight –

TOTALquote online tool offers double digit savings on your air shipments.

Air freight is a large line item expense for a lot of companies. For some it is a necessary evil, for others it is simply a cost of doing business. For all, it is the most expensive mode of shipping a product. Nevertheless these are expenses that can be managed. What you can do to reduce that cost for same or better service can make a big difference to your bottom-line.

Air freight prices dropped 25 percent last year. What percentage of that went to your pocket? Rates are volatile. If you just send air freight, and pay the contract rate, you are paying too much. Air freight pricing has come way down in the past year, but carriers aren’t eager to share that fact or those savings with their shippers. With thousands of forwarders, there are a lot of them that can provide great service. But the prices business customers pay for this, vary widely; you could say wildly.  Let’s face it, getting the best rate and service package can be a daunting task. TOTALogistix has made this simple.

Our TOTALquote air freight marketplace is Priceline for air freight. Working with a select group of solid, established carriers, we have streamlined the process of shipping by air.  Our platform lets you pick your forwarder and take advantage of the savings available out there. You go online to save money on your hotel rooms and airline tickets. Why not air freight? Capacity is up. It’s a spot quote market. Gone are the days of negotiating rates once a year. Use the tool that corners the market. Find that needle in a haystack, that last empty space on the airplane.

As an example, a company with $750K in total air freight spend drove $97,000 to their bottom-line within a year of deploying this service. Our track record with users of the TOTALquote air freight system reflects savings of 12-15 percent for comparable service.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the information.

    I would like to tell that, other than air freight there are many services which are helping in the delivery of goods and that too in a very fastest way like last mile delivery, warehousing, logistics etc which can also be monitored the progress of the courier delivery.