Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Revenue Recovery Rules!

Find out the true cost of your shipments, and make sure they pay for themselves. 

Knowing how much it costs you to ship a package is not easy.

If you personally don’t deal with parcel costs every day, that might sound surprising, even silly. The carriers have posted rates, and you have a discount, right? But hold on; there are enough accessorials, minimums, add-ons, and surcharges to drive a UPS truck through. In some cases, the accessorials cost more than the actual freight charge.  Throw in the upcoming dimensional weight rate structure that FedEx and UPS are unleashing, and hidden costs can take a serious bite out of your bottom line, without you even being aware of what you are really paying.

At TOTALogistix, we are in the business of understanding the labyrinthine, Byzantine ins and outs of carriers’ rates, including remote area delivery charges, residential address upcharges, fuel surcharges, and of course DIM weight pricing. Our Revenue Recovery program puts this knowledge to work for you, allowing you to know what you need to charge for shipping to achieve your revenue goals. We “automagically” run your information through our proprietary IT system, and get it right – to the penny.

Whatever your freight strategy – making money, covering costs, or just knowing how much “free shipping” is costing you – parcel carriers don’t make it easy to know what you are actually paying.  Trying to calculate this on your own, for all of your shipments or even a fraction of them, is a losing proposition. With Revenue Recovery, what we deliver is peace of mind, and the knowledge that your shipments are carrying their own weight. There really is no free shipping – unless you give it away.

Using TOTALogistix Revenue Recovery, “our shipping profits have increased by more than 70 percent,” said Greg Slade, V.P. of Operations for PropertyRoom.com.

What might you save?

Kirk Shearer
TOTALogistix, Inc.
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