Friday, January 30, 2015

Priceline for Air Freight - 2015

Online tool AirFreight.BID offers double digit savings on your air shipments. 

Air freight is a commodity. Carriers essentially give you the same service, pick up your shipment, get it to its destination in the specified timeframe, and deliver it – door-to-door. But the prices business customers pay for this commodity vary widely; you could say wildly. If you just send air freight, and pay the contract rate, or even worse their quoted price, you are paying too much.

To help businesses recapture these lost dollars, TOTALogistix has created a new service offering. AirFreight.BID is essentially Priceline for air freight. Working with a select group of solid, established carriers, we have streamlined the process of pricing shipping by air, creating an online marketplace that lets you select your carrier and take advantage of the savings out there. You go online to save money on your hotel rooms and airline tickets. Why not air freight?

Rates are volatile. Capacity is up. It’s a spot quote market. Gone are the days of negotiating rates once a year. Use the tool that corners the market. Find that needle in a haystack, that last empty space on the airplane.

One of our clients, a shipper with $750K in total air freight spend, drove $97,000 to their bottom line within a year of deploying this service. Our track record with users of AirFreight.BID reflects savings of 12-15 percent, for the same or better service. One new client, a $100B multinational, saved $18,000 on their first AirFreight.BID transaction, lowering their cost by 42 percent.

Want to learn how much you could be saving? It’s just a click away: https://AirFreight.BID

Kirk Shearer
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