Monday, May 11, 2015

Gimme Shelter:

It’s only Logic – portable building maker integrates with TOTALogistix.

ShelterLogic Corp. faces challenges that confront many fast-growing manufacturers. The Connecticut-based maker of portable enclosures sources their products internationally, and sells worldwide as well, leading to a complex web of a supply chain. Often, their products cost as much to ship as they do to produce.

ShelterLogic’s management understands the need for “outside the box” thinking when it comes to their logistics, and has partnered with TOTALogistix to monitor their shipping practices and ensure that local offices use the most cost-effective modes and carriers. We help provide them not only visibility into their supply chain, but the ability to take action when costs get out of line.

TOTALogistix recently went live with a rating engine for freight rates in Europe, as well as Canada, replacing a process that required manual matching off of a spreadsheet with a fully automated system that suggests the “best practices” solution, flags instances when those were not followed for management, and suggests a better way.

“My thought is the more we integrate/automate with TLX the better,” said ShelterLogic logistics guru Gary Bernacki. “I want to move Shelter towards building upon industry-standardized processes and move us away from an overabundance of exception-based business like we have operated by for so long. The critical key SOP's we have established with TLX in the past year alone…without them, Shelter wouldn't operate at all given our freight volume.”

“ShelterLogic operates multiple companies, and three different e-commerce websites, in the U.S., Canada, and Europe,” said Kris Pazhayanoor, TOTAL’s director of internet technology. “We are a single source, integrating the shipping for all these websites and entities. The closer we partner, the more we can provide a positive impact.”

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