Monday, August 24, 2015

Checkup from the Neck Up:

Are your logistics operations reflective of this century, or the last century? 

There is a revolution going on. A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and control of operations that was never possible before available now at the click of a mouse. Forward-thinking companies use these tools to keep customers happy, costs down, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Are you surfing this wave, or about to be swamped by it? Our client development executives are often amazed by the logistics systems that even modern, diverse, tech-savvy corporations depend on, using legacy technology and outdated systems. These are just a few questions you might want to ask yourself.

•  Do you still use your "gut" when making purchasing or shipping decisions?
•  Do customers call looking for their orders?
•  Do your financial control systems work as hard as you do at month end?

If you “resemble these remarks” for any of these questions, we can help you – a lot. Making your supply chain more efficient can save you substantial dollars on your bottom line, but even more to the point, can put you back in control. Take advantage of the brave new world of integrated, visible logistics management, and give your supply chain a “checkup from the neck up.”

Kirk Shearer
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