Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Leaving the Station

Are your logistics operations a bullet train or a coal-fired locomotive?

There is a revolution going on.

To use a freight-friendly metaphor, supply chain technology has become a bullet train, RFID-enabled and communicating seamlessly online, carrying those who make use of the new tools into a bright future. The train is leaving the station, and today’s companies have only two choices – get aboard or get left behind.

A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and control of operations that was never possible before available now at the click of a mouse. Forward-thinking companies use these tools to keep customers happy, costs down, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

Are you aboard this new train, or still chugging along behind a coal-fired locomotive? It is difficult for any in-house transportation managers, on their own, to stay on top of all the most recent advances in business intelligence, transportation management systems, and systems integration in supply chain integration without expert assistance. Time and again, we see even modern, diverse, tech-savvy corporations depending on legacy technology and outdated systems when it comes to moving their goods.

Making your supply chain more efficient can save you substantial dollars on your bottom line, but even more to the point, can put you back in control. Take advantage of the brave new world of integrated logistics management, with unprecedented visibility and control for senior executives, and get on the express to a profitable tomorrow. The train is boarding.

Kirk Shearer
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