Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A Delivery from the Mailbag

In their own words – client shares views on experience with TOTALogistix.

Sometimes, we are happy to step out of the way, and let our clients speak for themselves. The following is from a letter we received from Dharman Hensman, Director of Information Technology for Chase Corporation, a client for 11 years.

I am happy to recommend the work of TOTALogistix. The firm has been markedly helpful to us in getting a handle on our supply chain situation, and has helped us save significant amounts of money.

Specifically, Total has helped us with analytics, data management, and implementing a transportation management system or TMS. Using metrics we defined for them, they set up a system that allows us to assign costs to the appropriate business division and location. The system allows management to choose any one of a myriad of variables for closer inspection and analysis, and to do this instantaneously. We can isolate activities by product category, mode of transportation, carrier, or specific manufacturing facility or distribution center.

With our widely diverse product line and global presence, it would hobble our operations dramatically to go back to dealing with all these factors in the way we did before Total got involved. They have remained involved, too, continuing to update, implement and manage the process through our private dedicated portal into Total’s proprietary online software.

In everything from streamlined weekly reporting and GL coding to what they call “out of the box” thinking about how to improve our operations, the company has helped to the point where we consider them a partner, not just a vendor. Their people have deep experience and expertise in a variety of related disciplines, and put our interests first rather than shoehorning our needs into the operations of any particular carrier.

Do you have a supply chain operation that functions like Chase’s? Would you like us to show you how you can? 

Kirk Shearer
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