Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Too Busy to Talk? That's Why You Need to.

Let us show you how to outsource your supply chain headaches. 

If you were to say to one of our client development executives, "it sounds good, but I don't have time to meet with you," or words to that effect, you wouldn't be the first.
At TOTALogistix, we understand the pressures you face, the fires that have to be put out, and the many demands on your time. Our supply chain management and consulting firm was created specifically to help alleviate your headaches - with our help, problems turn into opportunities. Our account managers and client development executives have decades of experience, working for carriers and shippers, and together with the technology we have developed, can put you in control of your logistics in ways that were never before possible. 

Using our proprietary software solutions, you will gain a level of flexibility and visibility into your shipping operations that will enable you to quickly access and isolate relevant data, run "what if" scenarios, and reach decisions on how to structure your supply chain based on sound, up to date information. Our system through its customized portal, enables your people in locations throughout the world to easily identify the optimum choice for each shipment, going beyond least-cost routing to a supply chain that gives you a competitive advantage.

From shipment planning by obtaining multiple freight quotes, all the way through to invoicing and general ledger coding, your logistics is single-entry, visible and quantifiable. And the TOTALogistix team is there for you when needed.  Since we don't have trucks or warehouses or ships or planes, we are always working with only your best interests in mind. And our objectivity is important - consider the flip-side. To take one example, UPS brings a lot to the table when it comes to shipping, but ask "Brown" for a solution, and it's a fair bet their solution will be very... Brown.

If you aren't leveraging the competitive advantage provided by a state of the art supply chain, rest assured that your competition is.Our service more than pays for itself with the money it will save you, and perhaps most valuable of all, can give you back some time - to deal with those other headaches.

Kirk Shearer
800-989-0054 x103

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