Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Breaking Your Chains

Using the right TMS makes your supply chain work for you. 

There are many improvements you can make to help turn your supply chain from, well, a chain, holding you down, into an engine to streamline your business and impact your bottom line. At TOTALogistix, helping companies reap those rewards is how we earn our living. 

But there is a clear first step, one enhancement that will pull your supply chain into the 21st  century and make additional enhancements far easier. If you are not using a Transportation Management System, or TMS, you are missing out on perhaps the most impactful tool to harness the myriad complexities of today’s freight transportation and turn them into an asset. Right off the bat, instituting the right TMS can save you 15 percent or more across the board in your logistics operations, but that’s just the start. The information generated will give you visibility into your supply chain that was never before possible, enabling well-informed decision making and providing “answers at the speed of questions.” 

Your supply chain is unique, and your TMS should be too. Don’t settle for off-the-rack “one size fits all” so-called solutions. With our expertise in all transport modes, including the increasingly important “last mile” B2C operations, we can help ensure least-cost routing on every shipment, find innovative carrier options, squeeze out human error, integrate with your ERP and eliminate unnecessary paperwork.

Time and again, we see even progressive, tech-savvy corporations depending on legacy technology and outdated systems when it comes to moving their goods. Don’t be one of them. If you are not utilizing the latest digital technology for your shipping, be assured that your competition is. Let us show how you can be part of the logistics revolution, and unshackle your supply chain with a customized TMS from TOTALogistix.

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