Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Loads of Modes

Your supply chain is unique. Your TMS should be too.

As discussed in a recent "outside the box" message, the single most impactful step you can take to move your logistics operations from a liability to an asset is to implement a Transportation Management System, or TMS. With the savings, increased visibility and control of your shipments, you will wonder how you get by without it.

But finding the right TMS is critical to reap the promised rewards. Your supply chain is unique, and your TMS must be also. This is true nowhere more than with dealing with shipments across multiple modes of transportation. A typical "off-the-rack" TMS is adequate at handling goods making a single move. But with longer and more complex supply chains, more and more shipments require choices between multiple modes.

Built specifically to accommodate your company's needs, your TOTALogistix TMS evaluates and tracks your shipments across all available transportation modes, and will find the most efficient and economical path for each move. The system will automatically and instantaneously sift through constantly changing variables to find least cost routing, helping to choose, for instance, between LTL and UPS hundred-weight, "last mile" delivery options, or which DC is most economical to ship from. Your TMS allows you to set up a default shipping guide, yet still make case by case exceptions, and perform individualized services by division, location, product line, group, or user. Solutions we have implemented for our clients are saving millions of dollars for them every year.

The cloud-based TMS - and we were creating them before the term existed - gives each stakeholder, from the various carriers, to the consignee, to senior management, the ability to access the information they need from any web-enabled device anywhere. No more WISMO (where is my order?) calls!

At TOTALogistix, we don't install our TMS, but yours - just built by us

Kirk Shearer
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