Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pancakes, Airfreight and Yodeling.. helps Vermont Syrup Company to deliver shipments

Al Wood, owner of Wood's Vermont Syrup Company, needed to move over 1,000 pounds of "Woods Vermont Maple Syrup" from Randolph, Vermont to Zurich, Switzerland for a customer. Al had used other airfreight companies before, but he wasn't thrilled with the service he received or the process.   He wondered if there was a better solution available.

Through a Google search, Al found, signed up for a free account.  Al was upgraded to 'Pro" status through a special 30-Day Free Trial.Within minutes, he was tendering his first airfreight shipment. Al received no fewer than five very competitive quotes, and chose the offer with the best transit time for his shipment, as it had to be in Zurich by Friday. Al is a master at everything involved in producing some of the world's best maple syrup, but he is not an airfreight expert, nor does he want to be. Yet in almost no time at all, this smart and capable business owner.

Al's shipment of syrup was picked up on Monday and landed in Zurich on Thursday, a day ahead of schedule. The entire process was initiated, tracked and paid through the platform. is a proven airfreight management tool, platform, and marketplace. From a boutique farm-to-table, or should we say "tree-to-table" food company, to a large-scale enterprise shipping air freight, the platform can move your goods from point A to Point B with very little time or effort on your part, and offer competitive and often instant rates for airfreight. The platform can also provide a dashboard to show you all the important information about all of your shipping activity.

For more information about the sweet product line of Woods Vermont Syrup Company, visit and if you are ever in Zurich and need some of the best gourmet foods around, including Woods Pure Maple Syrup, check out the Maple Store and ask for Philippe. Just like Al Wood, you too can be "yodeling from the Alps" at how simple, fast and easy airfreight can be. is a revolution in airfreight, encouraging transparency, guaranteeing competitiveness and helping bring your supply chain into the 21st century. Work  with solid, established carriers while slashing your costs by double digits.

See how it works ...

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