Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Missing System – Part One

Take control of your supply chain with a Transportation Management System.

In today’s business world, “seat of your pants” is no way to fly. It’s also no way to ship. From overnight letters to ocean containers, or anything in between, your own Transportation Management System or TMS, can put you in control.

A wave of technological innovation is transforming logistics, making visibility and operational control never before possible available now at the click of a mouse. Forward-thinking companies use these tools to keep costs down, customers happy, and gain a significant competitive advantage.

In the past, the benefits of a proprietary TMS were reserved for billion-dollar multinationals. Now, cloud computing and disruptive innovation from TOTALogistix have brought the efficiencies and savings a TMS makes possible to small and midsize shippers.

A study by ARC Strategies found that companies that implemented a TMS were able to cut their freight spend significantly. Over 40 percent of firms, the largest cohort, reported cost savings between five and ten percent, and 23 percent of firms reported decreased costs of over 10 percent.

Beyond the dollars saved, companies utilizing TMS enjoyed better procurement negotiations and routing, lower cost mode selections, and more fully loaded equipment, along with increased usage of preferred carriers. “Virtually no other supply chain application,” said the ARC report, offers “so many different forms of optimization.” Additional benefits included warehouse efficiencies, inventory reduction, cash flow improvement, and a hard-to-quantify but major effect, increased customer satisfaction.

 Can we share the ARC Strategies white paper with you? See how a TMS can help you save six figures on your transportation spend, while gaining unprecedented control and visibility into your supply chain.

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