Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Mission Critical

Four keys to making your supply chain work for you.

Today's business leaders are often challenged by one of two scenarios. Both require swift action: eroding profits and the need to cut costs and improve efficiencies, or rapid expansion and the need to scale to support growth.

Innovative technology can be the solution to either one of these problems, and a very good one at that. A technology investment, when done within the right process framework will provide significant savings in costs and improvements in performance. Unlike in the past, modern solutions provide a measurable ROI in weeks and months, not years.

To ensure the success of your technology roll out and avoid costly mistakes, it is essential to consider the following four factors before selection and implementation.
Following four factors before selection and implementation. 

1) Relevance
While no software solution can be expected to solve every problem into the future, it is critical to ensure that the product you choose leverages the latest in technology and is not generations behind. The search for something tried and tested must not eclipse the possibility of finding an innovative solution. Fresh ideas and disruptive apps have significant advantages in solving critical problems across multiple facets of the business. You need today's technology now.

2) Usability
To most end users, change is unwelcome, irrespective of the efficiencies it delivers. To overcome this, tools must be well-designed and intuitive. User interaction expectations have been elevated dramatically since the onset of the smartphone age. Design and interaction engineering are as much a part of implementation success as are the actual function and efficiency. The good news is, with the choices available in the marketplace today, you can get both.
3) Cost

Thanks to cloud technology, software development and infrastructure costs have been reduced significantly. The ability to meet all user specifications without paying a fortune is no longer a dream. However, one factor to consider outside the financial outlay is the cost of chaos itself. An important question to ask is the internal cost of implementing software. Is the product you are purchasing able to get the job done, without having to make it your life's work? Finding a provider that is nimble enough to cater to your specific needs will reduce the overall cost of ownership - both internal and external.

4) Compatibility

No business leader wants to implement a brand-new technology only to have it function on a data island. Worse yet is a new product that requires a complete rework of legacy systems, bringing vital company operations to a grinding halt. Interoperability and backwards compatibility are essential. Make your software work for you, never the other way around. 

As a supply chain solutions provider, TOTALogistix, Inc. is acutely aware of these four critical factors, and we are dedicated to providing tools that meet these criteria.

The benefits of modern supply chain technology are abundant and game-changing, from increasing visibility to improving process to reducing cost. Business leaders must choose wisely when they onboard new systems. Be sure to carefully consider these four aspects of selecting innovative supply chain technology before taking the next step forward.

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