Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Molding a Supply Chain

Extrusion equipment manufacturer Graham Engineering Corporation partners with TOTALogistix.

Graham Engineering Corporation (GEC) is a sophisticated manufacturer with a complex supply chain. A convergence of leading technologies, people and capabilities in extrusion, the company builds complex equipment in the United States under its three brands: Graham Engineering blow molders, Welex sheet extrusion lines and American Kuhne extruders and extrusion systems. Its finished products are then shipped to customers worldwide.

Tim Melita, vice president of operations for Graham, wanted to achieve a greater degree of precision and savings in their logistics operations, so they turned to TOTALogistix.

“I can’t say enough about TOTAL’s approach to service. They are very responsive and have generated significant savings while providing a high level of service,” said Melita.

Working with Tim and his team, TOTALogistix set up a transportation management system, or TMS, to give executives at Graham Engineering a level of visibility into moving their shipments that had never before been possible. Graham’s TMS tracks components as they transit oceans in maritime shipping containers, then provides the same utility with over-the-road shipments in this country. Along with the Graham team, TOTAL has also implemented data management and contract management for inbound and outbound freight.

Graham Engineering’s choice of TOTALogistix as their logistics partner has generated measurable hard cost savings. But beyond the monetary savings, having the ability to find “answers at the speed of questions” has enabled Graham’s management to improve visibility and control of their shipping operations.

Benefits include visibility and operational control over the company’s supply chain at the click of a mouse, better procurement and routing, and lower cost mode selections. These measurable benefits bring GEC one more hard-to-quantify but significant effect, improved customer satisfaction.

Kirk Shearer
President & COO
Phone: (973) 726-2103
TOTALogistix, Inc.

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