Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Designed With You, Built By Us

You need a customized, dedicated Transportation Management System. 

There is no shortage of vendors who would like to sell you a Transportation Management System (TMS).

Their ranks do not include TOTALogistix. The difference is, we want to
build you a TMS, uniquely customized to handle your supply chain needs, fit in with your business practices, and work seamlessly with your existing systems and software.

Most TMS suppliers’ stance is something like, “here is my tool – turn it on and use it.” Perhaps you have bought an “off the rack” TMS from such a provider, and know exactly what we mean. Your business needs a system designed around the way you do business, how you source your materials and ship your finished goods. Built by TOTALogistix expressly to fit your needs, your TMS guides your staffers to best practices in arranging logistics services, and gives you visibility into the process in real time.

Because a TOTALogistix TMS is built to order, we are able to scale it to the specific needs of your company, your spend, your modes, your employees, and your customers. Combining a powerful, advanced proprietary shipping engine and an intuitive, user-friendly interface, the system enables employees, even those without logistics expertise, to generate immediate cost savings without compromising service. With our system, your TMS will provide all your carrier options with transit times across modes, giving you the power to choose. This can also be automated based on business rules you specify. When things change, your system adapts.

Along with the cost savings, which typically find you saving 10 percent or more* on your transportation spend, your TMS will provide unprecedented visibility into your supply chain. The system instantly generates reports breaking down shipping activity by mode, lane, customer, distribution center, cost per unit, or any of a multitude of variables that you specify. 

Don’t allow someone’s one-size-fits-all approach to dictate how to manage your logistics.Your business is unique – your TMS should be too.
*Recent white paper by ARC Strategies – available by request
Kirk Shearer
President & COO
(973) 726-2103

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